Caterpillar Grit 104 Sunglasses

£19.95 £14.95



With their trademark yellow and black design these Caterpillar sunglasses do not just offer protection from harmful UV rays, they also keep you looking hip.

CAT Grit Safety Glasses with Black Frame and Smoke Lens. The grit features a sleek low profile with a yellow and black trim, a rubber nose piece, flexible temples and wraps for side protection. You can look god whilst staying safe by protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays from the sun.

These brand new Caterpillar UV sunglasses are easy to clean, are anti-scratch and are designed with anti-fog and ventilation. These CAT frames are specially designed so that they flexi-fit around your facial shape, allowing for maximum comfort. All CAT sunglasses are crafted for total comfort.

  • Anti-scratch / Anti-fog
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Flexi-fit
  • 99% UV filter
  • 100% optical lens clarity
  • Universal fit


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